HVAC Installations

HVAC Installations2018-09-26T05:28:06+00:00


Do you need HVAC INSTALLATION done within your home or business in Tampa, FL? Installation of New HVAC Units. Let us install your new, more efficient, unit in a professional and timely manner.

All installs come with a one year+ labor warranty. Satisfaction guaranteed on all new installs, and all other services! Carrollwood AC Repair and Home Services offers great HVAC service and repairs from a Local HVAC Contractor.

Need to replace your air conditioner? Carrollwood AC Repair and Home Services will replace and install it while offering our customers an exceptional service and guarantee

Would you like to receive a discount? Save on average $400-$800 per installation on the top quality equipment we carry. Call 813-308-0138 today to set an appointment with a professional and experienced HVAC contractor.

Old AC Unit2018-09-25T16:48:03+00:00

Is your AC over 15 years old? It probably needs to be replaced and is experiencing all sorts of problems you may not even realize. Time to get a new one!

Nasty odor, burning smell2018-09-25T16:48:52+00:00

Your AC unit should not be be putting out a nasty smelling odor – nor a smokey smell or one that sounds like something’s burning – but rather clean smelling air with a neutral odor.

High energy expense2018-09-25T16:48:22+00:00

If you notice your energy bills have been quite expensive recently, this could be because of your poorly performing AC unit. Get a new one that operates efficiently and quietly!

Moisture buildup2018-09-25T16:48:28+00:00

Most AC units create moisture to some degree. When moisture occurs around the AC there could be a leak somewhere, causing your system to underperform. Moisture and mold buildup can also be a
health hazard. Time to change the unit.

Noisy AC2018-09-25T16:48:34+00:00

Do you hear any squeaking or grinding sounds? This is a sign your AC is not working normally. The level of noise from most properly functioning AC units should not be so pronounced as to be disruptive or attention drawing.

Your air conditioner is not providing cold enough air and lack of air flow.2018-09-25T16:34:58+00:00

This sign is pretty much the most obvious. Do you turn on your AC unit and the air flow just isn’t getting cold after 5 minutes or so? Then it’s very likely there’s a problem with your air conditioner. There may also be blockage somewhere your piping or ductwork, restricting air flow.

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