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Worried your clients purchasing a home will have a broken HVAC system in it? As a solution to this, you can simply recommend Carrollwood AC Repair and Home Services to take care of the job for them – and earn a referral fee from us at the
same time!

As a real estate agent, your clients deserve the best homes you can possibly offer them. However, sometimes the home a client of yours will purchase will have a less-than-new HVAC system, or one that is in need of service and repair. This is where we can help! Simply refer your client with the faulty HVAC system and we will take care of it for them.

At Carrollwood AC Repair and Home Services, we are experts when it comes to all your clients’ HVAC service needs.

We can work together with real estate agents and be a resource for you if you need a high quality HVAC company to recommend to your home-buying clients. Contact us today to learn more about our realtor services.


A faulty HVAC system could cost your client thousands of dollars in expensive repairs, service or replacement. When evaluating a prospective home, the HVAC system should also be factored in, as it is an important part of a home’s value.

Here are some tips to help you evaluate a HVAC system:

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Ask how old the current HVAC system is, when was it installed?

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Find out when was the current system last repaired or serviced?

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Can you ‘feel’ something is just not working because it is either too hot or too cold in the house?

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Is the home poorly insulated? This can lead to HVAC system problems.

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Visibly inspect the HVAC unit and look for signs of old age and decay such as rust and water damage, mold, etc.

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Listen for loud, strange noises.

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Watch out for loose connections, condensation or gaps in the duct system.

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Make sure the seals around doors and windows are airtight.

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Be aware of temperature differences within different rooms.

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